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Gratitude in All Things

We are still on COVID-19 watch, but progress continues to be made. We're making way for the Habitat volunteers to work. The virus has taken things off course, but Daniel and I are still very excited, talking, and thinking about what life will be like in our home.

There is a little more grading and tree cutting, but then comes the foundation!

Personally, I would like to say a big thank you to Habitat Board Member Barbara Cantrell for donating her late husband's all-terrain scooter. Now I'm able to go places, like the build site, that my wheelchair or smaller scooter couldn't get me to.

Daniel and I appreciate all who have supported Habitat Rabun through this journey of getting us into our forever home.

We know that Habitat Rabun couldn't build our home without community support. There are many ways you can support their "Raise the Roof" campaign. Text RAISEROOF to 41444 to learn more or click here.

We urge you to donate, volunteer, or become a sponsor. Mark your calendar for September 14 as we Raise the Roof for Habitat Rabun!

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