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Looking Ahead to 2021 and Hope Village

In looking back over the past year, one of the most challenging we have had in recent history, it is remarkable the progress that Habitat Rabun achieved. This is a tribute to the many who volunteered so readily and under uncertain circumstances. The officers, directors, committee chairs, ReStore staff, construction crew, and donors each gave selfishly so that we begin the year with one home nearing completion, with enough donations to start another, with the ReStore achieving significant increases in sales and with a board of directors excited to start the new year.

Though Rabun County has been hit hard by COVID-19 in recent weeks, we are diligently planning for the year and anticipate again be able to work our way through the challenges it brings. We will continue with the protocol developed at the ReStore and the construction site to maintain the safety and health of our staff and volunteers, as well as the community at large.

We have a couple of issues that need to be tackled on Hope Drive. Underground streams revealed themselves as we were inundated by 100+ inches of rain. The area must be returned to a natural wetland and we have engaged an engineer to guide us through the process. We will simultaneously develop the water and sewage infrastructure there in preparation for future builds. 

We are actively investigating additional opportunities for funding future builds in hopes that we can further help the affordable housing availability here in our beautiful area. 

Please continue to keep Habitat Rabun in your giving heart, whether by donations to the ReStore or contributions, volunteering, or serving on a committee. It takes a village – we call it Hope Village.

Don Martin

2021 President, Habitat for Humanity Rabun County

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