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A Rewarding Learning Experience

We recently asked Habitat of Rabun's past president Pat Stueck, what it was like to be president of HFH; her answer shone a light on the importance of having a supportive team and a generous community.

Most of us are aware of the current challenges some of our residents face when looking for affordable housing in Rabun; full-time rentals are scarce, while vacation rentals are abundant, and second-home buyers and investors drive home prices.

The COVID pandemic exacerbated such challenges as many looked to the mountains for an escape from the cities. The ability to work from home opened up opportunities for those seeking to live in their dream place, ending the dreaded commute to a place of work. More than ever, our community needs the support of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, bringing affordable housing to hardworking families in need of a place to live and grow.

And more than ever, Habitat needs your support to help meet those needs as we launch our "Village of Hope" project. Whether you can actively volunteer your skills, experience, and knowledge, enjoy shopping at ReStore, or if you prefer to provide financial support through donations or fundraising events, Habitat of Rabun welcomes and appreciates your generosity.

Want to leave a lasting legacy in your community? You can when you contribute to a Village of Hope! Learn More Here.

"It was a rewarding learning experience. I learned that, with the help of a talented and committed Board of Directors, we could successfully navigate a pandemic and fulfill our annual physical, monetary, and spiritual goals."

"I learned that Rabun County is a very giving community, especially during hard times. Our expectations were exceeded in terms of volunteer hours, monetary, in-kind, and product donations."

I learned that, when a local woman was in need of an ADA compliant home, it became a labor of love for everyone involved.

I learned that helping those in need and improving the quality of one’s community is extremely fulfilling.

-Pat Stueck

Currently, Habitat Rabun has openings on its board. Interested in finding out more? Your skill set, gifts, and talents could be just what we need to build more affordable housing here in our county! Click here to learn more.

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