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Vote "Yes" on State Referendum A

Voting “Yes” on State Referendum A will benefit Habitat Rabun by granting us an exemption from property taxes on our vacant lots--saving us $1,000 a year!

Long Term Benefits to Habitat Rabun

  • • Rabun County will make more money in the long-run once a home is constructed on the vacant property.

  • Over 70% of Habitat homeowners decrease or get off of government assistance altogether.

  • Children of Habitat homeowners show marked increases in educational performance.

Other Questions

Q: Will the homeowner end up paying property taxes?

A: Yes! The homeowner will pay property taxes on their home based on whatever calculation the local municipality uses—just like any other homeowner.

Q: Will private developers be able to exploit this?

A: No. The exemption only applies to charities who 1) are 501(c)(3), 2) hold the land exclusively for building purposes, and 3) finance homes themselves at 0% interest.

Q: Does Habitat have any other legislative objectives in the coming year?

A: The need for affordable homeownership in Georgia is greater than ever. We hope the legislature will continue to support low-cost homeownership but do not have specific legislation we are promoting at this time.

If you have further questions about State Referendum A, please click here.


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