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Thanks to You, Habitat is Making an Impact in Rabun County

Your Support Makes It All Happen.

Daniel and Allison--Our 2020 Homeowners
Daniel and Allison--Our 2020 Homeowners

As a result of your partnership, homes are being built, family legacies are changing, and communities improve. And it all begins with you. You donate your time, no longer needed household items, talents, and financial support to Habitat Rabun. With each donation, it all adds up to something greater than anything we could do alone. We become a healthier community, a better place--a place we all are proud to call home.

We wish we could highlight every single volunteer and supporter who has helped us this year. There are more than we could count! COVID has made 2020 difficult for everyone, but we know it has cost some families much, much more than others. With that in mind, we thank everyone who dug a little deeper and gave more than they thought possible to make the impossible happen. Allison and Daniel’s ADA-compliant Habitat home become a reality during a pandemic.

Three of our volunteers, three you might not expect to find at a Habitat build, share why they support Habitat. To read more about them, click on their names.

“Volunteering for Habitat was a different experience from any volunteering work I have ever done before. When finished you have “concrete” evidence of a project that can improve the lives of a family.”--Pam Clemmons, Clayton, GA

“Habitat for Humanity seemed to me to be worthwhile not only as a charitable organization but also as an opportunity for people of like minds to work together as a team to provide hope, dignity, and assistance to our neighbors in need of a fresh start.” --Mary Flanigen, Tiger, GA

"While putting in the final landscaping for last year’s house, Tammy told me her children’s health has been much better since moving from their moldy apartment. I almost cried, and this year we are building a house where Allison can make dinner and do the laundry without Daniel worrying about her safety. How great is that!”--Sandy Hunter, Clayton, GA

Ways to Support Habitat Rabun

2020 Board Highlights

Construction Committee

  • Over 20 different volunteers have put in a total of more than 1,500 hours.

  • Thanks to their efforts, our building efforts have not stopped during COVID! The main reason the 2020 home will not be completed this calendar year is the hold up in getting supplies.

  • Our volunteers have worked double time on Allison and Daniel’s house--all while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines.

  • This is the second ADA home we have ever built.

Family Nurture Committee

  • New committee for 2020!

  • Emphasis on having a liaison for each of our 21 Habitat recipients.

  • Partners with the Construction Committee to ensure the homeowner’s hours are completed.

  • Successfully reduced the past due mortgage payment ratios.

Fundraising Committee

  • Despite COVID, we held a major fundraiser this year, Raise the Roof for Habitat. It required a few pivots, but we have raised over $80,000 (both financial and in-kind donations) for our 2020 homeowners, Allison and Daniel.

  • Items donated willingly by more than 10 businesses and more than 10 Habitat patrons!

  • We completed our first event in 20 homes, offices, and a boathouse, with dinner provided by Julep Farms.

  • Board members helped restore items to more than double their value.

  • Donations continue to arrive and people continue to host mini-fundraisers in their homes.

  • Our goal remains to raise $100,000 this calendar year. Please contact Barbara Anderson, Fundraising Chair, to see how you can help. 

ReStore Committee

  • Donations are rolling along at the same quantity as before COVID.

  • Thanks to our wonderful community, sales are equal to 2019, before COVID. ReStore is practicing complete and full social distancing and cleaning policies for the store, its employees, and customers.

  • The community has readily accepted our policy of employees not entering their home and having items ready for us on the porch, outside, or in the garage for pick-up. Our customers have thanked us for being safe and proactive.

  • Our new Digital Marketing Associate joined us to assist in developing and strengthening our online presence, and she created our online store.

  • We began selling LED light bulbs at a big discount through a program whose cost is absorbed by Georgia Power, which is a great traffic builder.

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