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Sandy Hunter: Habitat's Caulking Queen and Trailer Czar!

As we head into the end of 2020, Habitat wanted to highlight a few of our volunteers. Without our volunteers and supporters, we couldn't exist. Thanks to you, we are able to impact Rabun County! When you see these volunteers, please thank them for all they do.

Sandy Hunter: Habitat's Caulk Queen at Work!
Sandy Hunter: Habitat's Caulk Queen at Work!

I always knew I wanted to find volunteer opportunities when I retired. When that time came, my friend, Ron Barden was filling the role with Habitat that Marcus Booker has now. Ron would talk about the build during breakfast after church.

It sounded like something I might enjoy. One Sunday, I asked Ron if I could volunteer even though I had no particular construction skills. He said sure so I gave it a try. That was Ken's house, the first house in the Mountain City Habitat Village. I loved it and have worked on every home since then. I have lost count of how many, somewhere in the teens.

When I started, I was the only woman on the crew. I may have been the first woman to volunteer regularly, but I was used to working primarily with men as an engineer so that was not a concern for me. I have always been treated with respect, never condescendingly. The fellows have been very gracious about teaching me new skills. As a result, I have helped with pretty much everything we do except getting on the roof.

I can't think of anything I would call a challenge. I have limitations. I don't have the strength of the men, so I can't do some tasks. Since falling off a ladder and breaking my knee, I don't work up very high, but others have limitations also. After all, none of us is young.

The crew leaders are excellent about working around our limitations while stretching us with new tasks that are appropriate. I'm sometimes frustrated, mainly when things are not done to my standards, like messy caulk and items not in their proper place in the trailer. After all, I am the caulking queen and trailer czar!

"I am proud of every house I have been a part of. The fellows build a quality house. I feel I just help where I can and keep the guys in line. While putting in the final landscaping for last year's house, Tammy told me her children's health has been much better since moving from their moldy apartment, and I almost cried. This year we are building a house where Allison can make dinner and do the laundry without Daniel worrying about her safety. How great is that!"

I encourage anyone who thinks they may enjoy working on the house to give it a try. As I said, I didn't have any particular building skills when I started but have learned a great deal. So, if you are willing to do any task you can, even if it is sweeping the floor, and to listen and learn, come on out and join the team!

Interested in volunteering? Click here to learn more.

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