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Meet Georgia Ericson: Our 2020 Architect

Georgia Ericson:
Georgia Ericson: Our 2020 Habitat ADA Architect

Habitat Rabun is grateful to local architect Georgia Ericson for designing our 2020 Habitat ADA home. "An accessible home requires more area throughout the home to be able to maneuver and turn a wheelchair. The challenge was to provide a fully accessible home while keeping within the Habitat for Humanity's need to keep the square footage down and the home cost-efficient," she said.

Though Georgia isn't a Habitat board member, she was happy to volunteer her time and talents. "I was delighted to be able to have the opportunity to help. Meeting Allison, her fiancé Daniel and their family made me even more excited to have the chance to help someone make their dream a reality."

How did Georgia learn Habitat needed her assistance? Tim Ranney, a Habitat board member, reached out to her. He told Georgia and her husband, Leif, about the new homeowners physical restrictions and her need for a home that was handicap accessible. "With a strong management team in place, my husband Leif and I have been able to retire to Lake Burton where we have truly enjoyed getting involved in the community," said Georgia, who is the founder and managing partner of Main Street Designs of Georgia, LLC.

When not designing homes for Habitat, Georgia is a painter. "I have picked back up a childhood passion for painting. I enjoy learning new painting techniques, playing with textures, and finding subject matters that bring emotion and joy. After so many years of striving for perfection and precision in design, it is a delight to work with a more freestyle subject and medium." She also enjoys spending time hiking, boating, traveling, and most of all, spending time with her grandchildren.

If you want to volunteer your time and talents to Habitat Rabun, click here to learn more.

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