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Habitat Rabun's 2020 Board and New Members

Habitat Rabun board members serve for a four-year term. Each January, board members rotate on and off the board as do new officers. We welcome the following new board members and our Executive Committee.

New board members and executive committee for Habitat Rabun
2020 Executive Committee and New Board Members

Back Row: Ed Steil, Chaplain, Pat Stueck, President, Matt Pileski (new board member), Don Martin, Vice-President, Misty Houston (new board member), Shelly Backer, Treasurer

Front Row: Amanda Harrold, Secretary, Tracy Ronemus (new board member), Rosa Icela Carter (new board member)

The Habitat Rabun board is a hard-working crew! Each of our board members serves on at least one working committee every year. We are grateful for the dedication and diligence of our board. They are an inspiration and bring hope to families in Rabun County!

2020 Habitat Rabun Board
2020 Habitat Rabun Board

Back Row: Ed Steil, David Tatum, Matt Pileski, Don Martin, Shelly Backer, Misty Houston, Pat Stueck, Tim Ranney

Middle Row: Barbara Anderson, Tracie Ronemus, Cheryl Crouse, Nancy Gribble

Front Row: Jeanine Marlow, Pete Cleaveland, Amanda Harrold, Kallie White, Nicole Griffin, Rosa Icela Carter, Richard Schott

If you have a desire to make an impact here in your community, Habitat Rabun is the place for you! Contact a board member to learn how you can volunteer or join our board. Making affordable housing a reality in our community changes everything for the better!
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