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First Steps: Foundation

Editor’s Note: Our build committee has a new theme song, “Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day.” Due to the rain and backlog of work, Allison and Daniel’s home can’t have the foundation laid for another week. That pushes the Habitat work crews back until at least July 7. Stay tuned for further updates!

Here's what's happening with Allison and Daniel as they wait on their new home.


The septic tank is in, and the foundation will be laid. There will be a start of a house on our

Tree removal on a sunny day.
Making progress on a sunny day!

property soon!

Again, we would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Habitat for all of their fantastic fundraising methods. Please check out the following links:

All their hard work to help raise funds for our forever home does not go unnoticed.

The septic tank has been put in this past month.
The septic tank has been put in this past month.

Habitat Rabun is always looking for volunteers to help. Want to get involved? All skill levels are needed! Click here to learn more.

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