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Finding Joy in a Porta-Potty

Editor's Note: Each month, our homeowners share how the homeowner's journey looks from their point of view. Read along each month to keep up with their highs and lows!

Never thought a porta-potty would make my day.

On June 25, Daniel, my dad, and I went to the property to do a little landscaping. Guess what we saw? A porta-potty! I know, weird thing to get excited about, but seeing that meant the workers are coming.

The second exciting event--Daniel put up our 911 number. My dad finished our post, quite beautiful, I might add, and Daniel was able to put it up at the entrance of our driveway.

The third exciting event--my birthday tree was planted. When I was younger, I would go to Nanny York's during the day, and she had a willow tree in her front yard. I loved that tree and always hoped to have a willow tree one day in my own yard.

As a birthday surprise, my parents bought me a willow tree. Unfortunately, Vassie York, aka Nanny, passed away, but a piece of her will always be in my heart. I will think about her when I step on to our front porch.'

The fourth and last exciting event of June--cement was poured! Blocking began, and the garage slab was poured. On July 28, the Habitat volunteer work crews returned to work on the house! COVID has really set the build behind schedule.

This process takes a long time, but it is out of anyone's control, and Daniel and I completely understand. Although this process has been disheartening at times, we realize that safety is critical. We do not want to be the reason for someone to become ill.

Although the building progress is slow, Habitat Rabun is working hard to complete the fundraising for our home. I know that Habitat is full of wonderful people doing whatever they can to make our ADA home possible.

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