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Feeling Thankful

The house is really taking shape. The sheetrock has been hung. My dad and Daniel have been working on getting the primer to start painting with the "real" paint, our beautiful blues. The next step is to clean off the siding and paint that also.

The volunteers are done for now, and the subcontractors are doing their thing. I can't tell you how much appreciation Daniel and I have for the Habitat crew. They have really built a magnificent home for us. They have been a delight to work with.

Earlier this month, Marcus and Kathy Booker stopped by our apartment for a little visit, and they came bearing gifts. Kathy is part of Mountain Laurel Quilting Guild. The quilters make quilts for the homeowners, and Daniel and I received ours! They are gorgeous!

Please remember GivingTuesday is coming up Tuesday, December 1. Show your generosity here, and remember any size gift helps! Do me a favor, though? Make every day a giving day!

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