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All in for Rabun

Nancy Gribble flashes a smile at the 2019 Rhapsody in Rabun where Habitat Rabun was the recipient.

In 2006, Nancy Gribble moved to Rabun County to start a new business and to flee the Atlanta area. She had friends in the county and loved the beautiful lakes and mountains area. She enjoyed living at Lake Rabun.

As a former corporate person with no time for anything other than work, she now found herself involved with many of the Rabun County nonprofits because of her new business. She wanted to get involved also. It was her work with the Foodbank of NEGA that led her to Habitat Rabun.

As she worked with the Foodbank of NEGA, she met many Habitat organizations in the surrounding counties. Seeing their work led her to believe Habitat's work was a cause she could get behind. Nancy wanted to see more families helped by having affordable homes and strengthen the family unit. Nancy said, "Just to see the number of homes Habitat built and remodeled for deserving families during my four years was amazingly wonderful."

"Rabun County benefits greatly by having an 'active' Habitat for Humanity organization and a dedicated ReStore for shopping. The funds then pass on to families through new homes that no other organization could fund or build. The best thing about Rabun County is that we have so many active, diverse, and caring nonprofit organizations for people and animals. The citizens of Rabun County are truly generous with their time and monies," said Nancy.

During her 14 years here, she has touched almost every area of Rabun County. She has served on the boards of Celebrate Clayton Festival, the Rabun County Historical Society, the Rabun County Tourism & Development Association, Rhapsody of Rabun, and recently rotated off the Habitat Board, after serving as Vice-President for three of her four years. She continues to volunteer each week at the Food Bank.

Currently, Nancy serves as Vice President of the Rabun County Friends of the Library and a member of the Ferst Organization (books for children). She continues to volunteer for Habitat Rabun by being a member of the ReStore Committee and assisting with grant writing.

In addition to all of the above, Nancy has assisted with many Downtown Clayton Merchants and Business Association activities, the Lake Rabun Association Markets and Tours and the original GROW, COOK, EAT organization. She has also served on the Innkeepers Association, the Georgia Bed and Breakfast Association, and is a current and former member of the Rabun County Board of Equalization.

If you are wondering if she has any free time, she does! Nancy has many dear friends she has made--many from her years of volunteering at Rabun County nonprofits. "My dear longtime friends help make up for the loss of family, and so does volunteering with friends," said Nancy. "I enjoy gardening, reading about historical places and times, and my British murder mysteries!"

"Nancy is an active Rabun County volunteer who is very busy supporting the community. Despite her busy schedule, she always had time for Habitat Rabun. She was committed and dedicated because she knew our work was important and made a difference," said Pat Stueck, Habitat Rabun's President.

Habitat Rabun is grateful for Nancy's leadership, time, and service. She is a genuine example of someone who gave over and beyond for the good of others. She saw a need in her community, rolled up her sleeves, and worked to make it better.

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"Rabun County benefits greatly by having an 'active' Habitat for Humanity organization and a dedicated ReStore for shopping. The funds then pass on to families through new homes that no other organization could fund or build." -Nancy Gribble
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