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Accidental Difference Maker

After Mary Flanigen, a friend from church lost her husband to cancer, she invited me to join her in a volunteer project, said Pam Clemmons of Clayton. We wanted one that would make our community a better place. She had not yet picked out what that project would be – but I assured her I would be with her. Little did I know that she had Habitat for Humanity in mind!

In the spring of 2017, Pam and Mary joined the Habitat construction crew. They had the distinction of being the prettiest new "men" on the job! Neither had much experience using power tools before. Both were challenged by remembering the names and use of each tool, nail, or screw.

Pam said, "These men have worked together for years and were not used to having to explain and educate someone that slowed down their work. Gradually, they have accepted that we would continue to show up for work and have included us in different projects."

Pam said she loves watching the families' excitement as they visit the building site to decide on the placement of electrical outlets, paint colors for each room, etc. Seeing the difference a home creates for families make her work worthwhile. That is one of the many reasons why she has kept showing up twice a week.

One of Pam's lessons through her time with the Habitat construction crew is that even without having a background in construction, she can still contribute and learn new things. "Volunteering for Habitat was a different experience from any volunteering work I have ever done before. When finished, you have "concrete" evidence of a project that can improve the lives of a family," said Pam.

Want to join Pam is making a difference in Rabun County? Click here to learn more.


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